Welcome to RNAO BPG Order SetsTM website. These BPG Order Sets translate the practice recommendations published in RNAO's clinical Best Practice Guidelines into actionable evidence-informed nursing assessments and interventions for a variety of topics including women and children, addiction and mental health, skin and wound care, chronic diseases and gerontology.

The individual assessment and intervention statements are organized within the context of the nursing process and reflect nursing care at different phases along the health continuum: health promotion, primary care, acute care, home health care, rehabilitation, long-term care and end-of-life care.

BPG Order Sets give greater visibility, consistency and quality to nursing practice and are an important component of the interprofessional care plan. They complement medical order sets, helping to promote evidence-base practice throughout all phases of the care continuum. Preview a subset of this BPG Order Set (PDF).

The integration of RNAO's BPG Order Sets within a clinical information system facilitates nurses' access to and sustained use of the best available evidence to inform their practice. They also support the evaluation of guideline implementations and serve as a data collection tool for RNAO's NQuIRE® data system.